Why choose a German Kitchen?

German kitchen with island in Crystal White

What's special about a German kitchen?

A new kitchen is a big investment and choosing a high quality product will be cost-effective in the long term. German kitchens not only offer beautiful and practical designs, they are also long lasting and offer excellent value for money.

Who makes German kitchens?

Many German kitchen brands are family owned businesses that take great pride in the quality of their kitchens. They invest heavily in technical innovations and modern manufacturing techniques to ensure every kitchen meets the client’s exacting standards.

Contur kitchens are manufactured by a family owned business that is one of the top 3 German kitchen furniture manufacturers. Production started in 1966 with the first 25 employees in Herrieden, Bavaria. From the very beginning quality, individuality and practicality were the guiding values of the company. Today our manufacturer has over 1,900 employees and produces over 150,000 kitchens a year, all designed to the client's precise requirements.

Features of a German kitchen

German kitchen designs offer many innovative features and storage systems that other kitchen manufacturers cannot replicate. Their uniqueness and excellent build quality are what really makes a German kitchen special. Every Contur kitchen has ground breaking design features including beautiful and durable finishes, functional storage systems to make the best use of space, and bespoke designs to complement your home.

German kitchen with island in Magnolia Handleless

Benefits of German kitchens

German kitchens may be slightly more expensive than mass market kitchens in the UK but far exceed them in value for money and durability. The benefits of a German kitchen include:

Durability And Strength

German kitchens are manufactured with high quality and durability as a priorty. The build quality of German kitchens is superior to kitchens available from DIY stores and builders’ merchants. Contur kitchens are no exception. For example our kitchen unit back panels are specially screw mounted and vertically bonded and the crossbars are made from solid wood. This gives a Contur kitchen stability and a long life. There are many other quality features that make a Contur kitchen stand apart from the rest.

Quality control

We have a team of committed employees specialising in quality assurance. They focus on ensuring every kitchen meets our high quality standards.

Concealed wall mounts

Our wall units have concealed metal mounts with a locking screw to ensure enormous load-bearing capacity.


Our cupboard shelves are 1.9 cm thick. They provide a particularly high load-bearing capacity and dimensional stablity.

Door front testing

Contur kitchen door fronts tested for their behaviour in dry heat and high humidity.

Door soft close

Contur soft closing elements are integrated in the hinge to ensure the doors close gently.

Carcase back panels

Contur carcase rear panels are glued to the side panel and coated on both sides to prevent moisture damage.

Innovative Design & storage systems

German kitchens incorporate the latest design features to ensure your kitchen is not only beautiful but also practical.

It’s the interior of a Contur kitchen that make it really special. Our inserts for drawers and pull-outs as well as wall units and tall units mean every plate and every utensil have their right place. You’ll always find everything you need really quickly.

In every Contur kitchen, the mechanisms for drawers and pull outs operate smoothly and efficiently and the pull out larders and corner shelves are robust and simple to use. Our heavy load drawers can carry up to 65kg.

Unlimited Options

Most German kitchen designs are sleek and minimalistic. German handless kitchens are particularly popular.

Contur kitchens are available in a range of designs and styles ranging for sleek modern designs to country farmhouse styles. There is a huge range of colours, materials and designs that you can choose from to design your perfect Contur German kitchen. Contur door fronts include simple laminates, lacquers, glass and real wood veneers.

Whatever style you prefer you can design a German kitchen that perfectly fits the style of your home.

Stainless Steel Reproduction Island Kitchen