Kitchen Storage System

You can never have enough storage. We have a huge range of kitchen unit interiors so there will always be a place for everything in your kitchen!


Almost anything is possible with the Contur kitchen unit system.

In everyday family life things need to be organised. That is why food, crockery and cutlery as well as kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances should have a storage place in the family kitchen.

Our base, mid and tall kitchen units can have pull-out shelves, internal drawers, tiered pull-out larders, bottle storage and much more.  Special interior dividers for drawers and pull-outs help organise items like cutlery and knives. Waste separation systems for sink cabinets help sort cardboard, glass, plastic and other waste.

Our wall kitchen units can have simple doors, pivot doors, upward folding doors, roller shutters and glass climbers.

Our drawers are very strong and allow easy access to all your kitchen items. Your drawers and cupboards can have non-slip mats, integrated LED lighting, power opening and waste sort bins.


Tiles are not the only option for the recess. Contur recess cladding is available in laminate, glass, reproduction wood and satin lacquer. The recess is the perfect accessory for your kitchen. It not only protects the walls from splashes but can also complement your kitchen design with the many materials and colours available.

The Contur hanging storage system means eveything is to hand when you need it. Whether hooks for cooking utensils, a shelf for herbs, spices and oils or a knife block for hanging – the hanging system is your best friend when working in the kitchen. Perfectly placed and functional.

The panel profile is available in a stainless steel coloured or elegant onyx black design. We can even add lighting to the panel profile!


With open plan, family kitchens we are faced with one challenge: What should we do with the things that we need every day but don't want immediately visible to everyone? Where is the space for vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies and food storage? Where we put the washing machine and dryer?

The utility room is more than a just storage room. It is more storage space, more comfort and more order for your home. Everyday objects can be perfectly stored away here: always at hand, well sorted and far away from sight. Use the additional space as a laundry room, tool store and pantry.

Good planning is essential to ensure that everything finds its place! Think carefully about what you want to put in your storage room. Is it just food? Would you also like to store shoes and clothes here? And do the washing machine and dryer also need a space. With our flexible designs and the specially developed cabinet types, you can easily adapt your utility room to your individual requirements and the space available. In this way, a small space becomes a practical laundry room, a pantry or even a hobby room.


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