Kitchen Ergonomics

Everyone is different and a Contur kitchen can be designed for a perfect fit. You can choose a worktop height that is right for you. Our appliances can be installed at a comfortable working height. Your kitchen will be comfortable and easy to work in.

Worktop Height

People standing at different height worktops

Everyone is different. To be able to work comfortably in the kitchen, the working height should be a perfect fit for you. Your ideal working height is determined by the height of your elbows. Contur Kitchens have three different base cupboard heights. When combined with selection of worktop thicknesses and plinth heights, a huge number of possible combinations exist. This means your kitchen can be individually tailored to your needs.

We can even supply and install adjustable height worktops. Adjustable worktops can be set at any height within their operating range to ensure complete flexibility and comfort. Adjustable height worktops can be motorised or operated manually.

With your kitchen planned to fit you perfectly, you can not only work comfortably, but also save space and time in your daily kitchen work.

Appliance Position

Siemens oven in tall cupboards


The oven is frequently used when cooking and and it is particularly important that it is at a comfortable level.  Ideally the oven should be at shoulder height.  At this height, you can comfortably check on your dishes and easily put them in and take them out.


Dishwasher in tall cupboard


Integrated dishwashers can also be installed at an ergonomically comfortable height. The makes them easier to load and unload without having to bend down to access the appliance.


Tall cupboards with appliances and fridge


A full height or raised refrigerator and freezer will mean you do not have to bend down to get to the back of the refrigerator compartment. The fridge will be more comfortable to use if its lower edge is at hip height.



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